Welcome to Dr. Jessica Grichy, DC


From the first visit, expect a warm welcome, friendly service, and personalized, professional care. Dr. Jessica Grichy is  dedicated to providing you with quality healthcare along with education to help you obtain and maintain optimal health and well-being. Caring for your health involves getting to know you and your needs, accompanied by individualized care.

Services Include:

¤Chiropractic Adjustment/ Mobilization

¤CranioSacral Therapy. Click on this link to learn more: http://youtu.be/7ghzZHlqUKE


¤Applied Kinesiology. Click on this link to learn more: http://youtu.be/gWWujb-QP7o

¤Functional Medicine

¤Lab testing

¤Functional Neurology

¤Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

¤Kinesio Taping

¤Decompression therapy

¤Cold laser therapy

¤Interferential stimulation